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Happy 4.20 from Sean G

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Happy 4.20!  Even though I don’t smoke let’s face it, y’all muhfuckaz really need NO REASON to spark one!  Haha!  A Stoner’s Holiday if you will, I wonder how productive the American Work Force is today, nonetheless, I’ll stand with y’all (just don’t blow that shit in my face).  More Jokes!  Maybe it’s the contact high!

The homie DJ Sean G with another one PERFECT for today’s festivities.  Put it on, roll one and don’t forget to pass.  Download THE FREE MIXTAPE HERE and remember to stay tuned to the SITE for MORE FREE MUSIC!!

1. Dust A Sound Boy – Super Beagle

2. Soundboy Massacre – King Tubby

3. Dub I Can Feel – King Tubby

4. Keep On Knocking – Jacob Miller & Augustus Pablo

5. Black Magic Woman – Dennis Brown

6. Chase The Devil – Max Romeo

7. Mad Mad Ivy – Gladstone Anderson

8. One In A Million – Sanchez

9. It’s Your Thing – Alton Ellis

10. 54 46 Was My Number – Toots & the Maytals

11.Minibus (On The Telephone) – Barrington Levy

12. Here I come – Barrington Levy

13. Wicked Inna Bed – Shabba Ranks

14. You Don’t Love Me – Dawn Penn

15. Bam Bam – Sister Nancy

16. Bam Bam – Chaka Demus & Pliers

17 Pose Off (remix) – Red Fox feat. Skreechie Dan

18. I Left My Wallet In El Segundo (Vampire Mix) – A Tribe Called Quest

19. Cocaine In My Brain – Dillinger

20. Don’t Let It Go To Your Head – Black Harmony

21. I Originate – U Roy

22. The Mummy’s Shroud – Scientist

23. Meditation Dub – Augustus Pablo

24. Am A Do – Bob Marley

Funk Volume’s “Don’t Fu[$]k Up Our Beats”: The Late Uncle Disco

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It’s PURE COINCIDENCE that we blogged about Foodwithsole yesterday and today we find The Late Uncle Disco going “HAM.”  Thanksgiving will NEVER be the same!

His latest work “Another Pussy” is a video submission (he directed & starred in) for Funk Volumes, “Don’t F[$]ck Up Our Beats” Contest.  Voting begins on January 29th, so I’ll remind y’all then!  The song appears on his Mixtape, WTF, a Collection of Random Shit Vol. 1, available for download here.  Great hip-hop begins in the Underground and Uncle D hit a new low with this one!  All love for my little primo, KID’S GOT CHOPS!  His rhyme-style reminds me of some vintage Eminem, that high-energy rapp, unapologetic and crazy satirical subject matter!

Not only is he a talented MC, but he produces beats and directs / shoots film!  Look him up!  Peep his other projects with Broken Complex and as Romoface.

“Another Pussy” this kid is WILD!

Good Shit:

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“Love to eat just as much as you love what’s on your feet?” Yes!  With a mantra like, “EAT GOOD, STAY FRESH,” I was automatically drawn to, a Lifestyle Blog that appeals to both Foodies & Sneaker Heads.  Why didn’t I think of this?

Original content from a Sneakerhead’s / Foodie’s perspective is my kind of reading.  Rob just started his new My Top 5 Series, I can’t wait to contribute.  Check out the site if you’re tired of re-blogs, repetitive content matter & wishy-washy reports on “what’s hot” or if you’re hungry and need info on upcoming events (in music, sneakers, art, etc)!  Dude keeps it really, really, REAL!

A Quest Called Steak: Foodwithsole’s Top 5 Steaks in LA

Current Events: Rif’s Art & Sole Event, TONIGHT!

Agenda: TLR & Co.

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Respect due to The Livid Rival & Co. (TLR&Co), they went from sneaking into Agenda (last year) to being invited back as a featured brand at Primer (this year).  As usual, there was a lot of the same at the show, so it’s refreshing to see a brand that’s keeping true to their vision and not concerning themselves with what everyone else is doing.  These Santa Barbarians are “taking heads off” of the Industry’s giants!

I think that’s why we’ve forged this great relationship with them (both professional & personal).  They compare their Brand’s Values to those of NY Crime Families past, these muthafuckaz mean BUSINESS and won’t tread!  WORD IS BOND!


LAX-JFK X TLR&Co. (Ry, Ahsker, Ruben, Cris & Carlos)

Custom Cut & Sew Snapbacks, these cats are light-years ahead of other up & coming brands.

Peep the video-interview via Baller Status.

New Year Sale at TRADITION

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As a Thank You to their Customers, Tradition in Thousand Oaks will be having a BIG Sale beginning TODAY and running through Saturday, January 21st.  ALL DIAMOND & THE HUNDREDS MERCH WILL BE 50%OFF, $10.00 TEES, 40%OFF ALL HATS, 40% OFF ALL TRADITION LABEL & MORE 50% OFF SELECT ITEMS.  Peep the flyer!


In case you missed it… The BOOTLEG COLLECTION consists of the below…

Storm Troopers (Hoodies & Crunecks)

LAX JFK City (T-shirts)

Kicks is Dead (T-shirts)

Snakes (T-shirts)

For the Dome (Beanies & Snapback)




Bootleg Collection: Troopers Storming

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We first introduced our PAC & B.I.G. Storm Trooper designs in the Spring 2010 and cats been asking for us to make them into sweatshirts ever since.  The Tupac & Biggie designs are a repeating theme for us at LAX-JFK that embody our love for hip-hop culture & design, while representing both coasts.  You asked for it, we listened…

Hoodie is available in 10oz Fabric, the Cruneck is available in 8.5oz.  Grab the Hood for them cold nights and the Cru for them cool days.

Disclaimer: You probably won’t be able to rock these sweatshirts with Boat Shoes, Toms Shoes, Loafers, Cowboy Boots or Sandals… sorry about that.


Available in ATHLETIC HEATHER Hoodie $65.00

Available in ATHLETIC HEATHER Cruneck $55.00

Available in ATHLETIC HEATHER Hoodie $65.00

Available in ATHLETIC HEATHER Cruneck $55.00

Bootleg Collection: For the Dome

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Don’t forget your head!  Shoes look good, tees look crisp, where’s your head at though?  Introducing the OG Logo Beanies & Collegiate Snapbacks.  We prefer to keep things simple, classic & timeless.  Grab’em while we have’em.


Available in BLACK $28.00

Available in GREY $28.00

Available in BURGUNDY $28.00

Available in OLIVE $28.00

Available in BLACK/GREY $30.00

Available in BLACK/ORANGE $30.00

Available in BLUE/RED $30.00

Available in GREEN/BLACK $30.00


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Speaking objectively from my own point of view (of course), LAX-JFK Boutique is the ILLEST in the Southbay.  Many have tried but failed to bring together hottest street-skate-wear lines, but we’ve managed it doing it from a fans perspective.  Never carrying the “it” brands catering to the masses, instead carrying only the best in lifestyle clothing for YOU!

Inception: My brother and I been driving to Fairfax/Melrose/La Brea for the better part of our life… seriously, bus, skateboard, bikes, hitchhiking by any means!  What if you can find the same-same up the street in the Southbay, CA?

Concept: Keep It Simple Stupid.  From our logo to our build-out, we’ve taken a minimalistic approach to shopping w/ an emphasis on Customer Service.  What size you need?  Charge sends?  Can I find that for you?  What’s missing?   Examples of what you may hear from any one of us when you step into our shop.  No egos here, no preconceived notions… come in & let’s chop it up about Gear, Music or the latest viral videos & topics!  We got you covered.

14,000SQFT of Skate Park going up across the street, slam-dunk, right?  RIGHT!  Bringing you the latest-greatest Lifestyle Brans, Hardware, Shoes, Caps, etc, slam-dunk, right?  RIGHT!  We’re a year in and the relationships we’ve cultivated are priceless!  From the broke kids coming in for FREE stickers, to the Lifestyle Kid looking for some HEAT, we got you covered!  Come thru!


NAKED: embrace yourself, The Body is a beautiful thing.

CLOTHED: with a little help from our friends…


Better Late than Never…

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Introducing the newest addition to the LAX-JFK GROWING Familia; Photographer, Skater, Drummer & Aficionado Mr. Sk8y5er (pronounced Skatey Fiver since he been bustin up his kicks since ’85).  He use to make me and Ahsker watch Black College Band Competiotions on VHS, we def picked up some moves from dat sh*t…

He covered the Fat Beats Farewell Event, got some great flicks, stay tuned for more… without further ado, Sk8y5er AKA Dinary AKA D.



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