Hops, Kicks & Hip Hop

Our favorite Twitter Hashtag (next to #EatGoodStayFresh of course, respect) is #HopsKicksHipHop, which asks the questions:

Hops– What you sippin’ on?

Kicks– What you got on your feet?

Hip Hop– What’s coming out your speakers?

Hasn’t quite caught on as well as say, #Twilight or #Tebowing, but I think we’re alright with that.  Judging from our Tweets, Blogposts & Instagram, you can see we LOVE Beer, Shoes & Hip Hop so it only made sense to share.  We want to hear from you!  #HopsKicksHipHop

Saturday (April 7th) We’ll be at LA Beerfest, bringing together the best brewers & food trucks…  So stay tuned in to our Twitter, Blog & Instagram (LAXtoJFK) for posts!  Get your tickets NOW (none will be sold at the event) and stop in to say, “What it do!?”   It will be epic, I will be walking crooked… Apologies in advance for my indiscretions.  


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