Bootleg Collection II Marauding Midnight Inspiration

If you follow us on Twitter (LAXtoJFK) or Instagram (same handle), you’ve seen a sneak peak of patterns & looks that inspired our latest collection slated to drop in a couple of weeks.  We’re staying away from conventional Seasons, dropping pieces when we’re ready to do so…

Our Inspiration featured here is taken from what may arguably be one of the BEST Hip Hop Albums of all time, Midnight Marauders.  If you watched ATCQ’s doc, Beats, Rhymes & Life, you remember the discussion sorrounding which artists made the Album Cover.  Some sour grapes, some grateful MC’s, all great material.

For this project, we plan to feature our picks.  Some repeats, some others that deserve mention.  Obviously it’s IMPOSSIBLE to feature all of our favorites, but we think this is a fair assessment.  I’m sure this tee will provoke discussion and debate, let’s go.

Collection will be available on, Tradition (Thousand Oaks) and Brooklyn Projects (Melrose, LA).  Stay tuned to our blog for more info.


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