Good Shit: Chloe Riley “Drop a Dub” Teaser

It’s always exciting to see LAX-JFK Gear represented in music (probably more exciting still is to see kids rockin’it out on the streets, but nonetheless…).  Rapper Chloe Riley is doing BIG things!  She just signed to Slip N Slide Records, which has broken such artists as Rick Ross, Trina & Jagged Edge to name a few.  With label mates like those, I’m sure we can expect great success from her.

Blogs are already predicting the demise of Nicki Minaj & Kreayshawn at the hands of Chloe, being hailed “LA’s hottest new female rapper.”

Peep the visual teaser from her first major video “Drop a Dub,” which I’m sure you’ll hear at your favorite dance spots this summer.  Never seen a bootie-pop by someone rockin’ an LAX-JFK Snapback!  Good Shit!

Video Credit: Jason Fordham


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