JayLip: Dibia$e

The LAX-JFK team was recently at Boombox (Los Angeles) for an album release tour stop.  The artist; Dibia$E.  The album; LOONEY GOONS.  

We caught up with him after his set broke every neck in the house.  He stood out in a line up made up of several heavy-hitter beat makers: Sunclef, Elaquent, Devonwho & 14KT.  Not a whack beat in over 4 hours of music.

Aside from the music, one of the best moments of the evening was Dibia$E’s introduction.  Host DJ Inka One put shit into perspective by sharing the story of how Dibia$E finally got on the bill at Boombox.  John Cusack in Say Anything ain’t got shit on this.  Dibia$E used to play his beats nice and loud from a Radio Raheem boombox for crowds outside after shows.  People would always wanna know who and what he was playing.  To quote Inka One “…and now he’s touring the fuckin’ world!”

Big ups to Dibia$E.  Very gracious with his time and we at LAX-JFK thank him.  Humble dude who stays on his grind.  Nobody can knock that kind of hustle.


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