Good Shit: PRIMEAPE the Beast

Primeape (or Adam as I’ve known him for about 17-years), is representative of an artist no longer satisfied with the status quo.  That’s not to say he ever was.  From wheat-pasting to graffiti to busting windows out of cars from the back seat (long story), he is where street is.

“Slangin’ Thoughts Not Rocks (STNR),” is the movement and he means it.  Countless hours, blunts & beers discussing the lifestyle, to come to the conclusion that we need to get in the game.   Keep an eye on them, support the independents.

PRIMEAPE based in Long Beach CA, creating and destroying from a one bedroom apartment, producing the gulliest streetwear, accessories & art. Offering design work for other brands, as well as handling anything  marketing related. Photography services available, such as product shots or store opening coverage, live artist for shows, creative events etc. PRIMEAPE was created to be a vehicle for the release of thought, to give voice to those trying to speak, but going “unhurd.” 


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