Jaylip: A Look Back

JayLip is an urban slant on a 10-questions interview format made famous by James Lipton on In the Actor’s Studio.  Our interview follows the same general rhythm, sort of a ping-pong line of questions spanning from love to hate and mortality.

We’ve broadcast 3-interviews already and we have some more in the can (post-production).  We broke out with Hip Hop Artist Quelle Chris, Producer Dibia$e and Artists/Sneaker Head Tyree Dillihay.  Coming soon, we have Producer House Shoes, Top Chef Michael Voltaggio and more on the horizon.

We appreciate the support, peep the archives below and if you’d like to be a subject for the interview or you have suggestions on who should be interviewed, hit us up (info@LAX2JFK.com)!

“Good art, good food, nice kicks & thick women…” -Ree

“An underdog that stayed on his grind and opened his own doors…” -Dibia$e

“Get you some money, stay in school if you a dummy…” – Quelle Chris


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