Good Shit: Fresh Daily & Cavalier

Had a chance to meet and break-bread with Fresh Daily & Cavalier.  We debated and discussed the current state of hip hop, fashion and the good’ol days over beers and trees (well, I didn’t fuck wit tha trees though).  We also spoke on how Hip Hop can be responsible for particular fashion trends like Grand Puba rappin’ about Tommy Hilfiger, Slick Rick’s Links & Kangols, B.I.G.’s Versace… and so on… Good Dudes, Good Shit.

They’re in from NY working with on of our favorites Quelle Chris working on their upcoming project Stone Horses.  You’ve been warned.  Hip Hop is not dead… your listening skills may be.

Fresh Daily “Easy” shot by Grady for Knocksteady TV

Cavalier “Watch and Learn” shot and directed by Grady for Knocksteady TV


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