DAMEDAS at Solidarity Ink

Experimental Rocker DAMEDAS, AKA my fo’real little brother, will be debuting material from his new project alongside newly assembled bandmates at Solidarity Ink Thursday August 30th.  The sound is new, the band is new and the direction is new for known eccentric DAMEDAS.  A revivalistic movement of sorts reminiscent of the Brian Jonestown Massacre and maybe even The Smiths or Pink Floyd (in my opinion), don’t miss it.  RSVP at rsvp@galeriaalternativa.com for your chance to see this movement LIVE!

We were fortunate to catch a glimpse during the video shoot for their first acclaimed single, scheduled to release soon on indy label All Welcome Records.  DAMEDAS was quoted saying, “It feels like the stars are aligning everyday that we get together to work on the new tunes,” and “As a band, it’s only the beginning and we feel excited to get out there to play these tunes for everyone’s enjoyment.”


AUGUST 30th at 8:00pm

1749 N MAIN ST., LOS ANGELES, CA 90031

Music. Beer. Art. Live Screenprinting.


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