Wayback Wednesdays: Jeru the Damaja

DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDREL, Jeru the Damaja!  Gangstarr Foundation was one of the illest crews in the game, RIP GURU!  I miss this shit…   “I never knew hustlers confessed in stereo or on video…”

Now I don’t push a Lex
Others had their turn to flex, Jeru is up next
All, these so called players up in the rap game
Got brothers on the corner selling cooked cocaine
It used to be LaToya and, jim hats
But now it’s uzis macs and, g-packs of cracks
Everybody’s psycho or some type of goodfellow
But me I keep it real that’s all swine like jello
Don’t drink Cristal, and I can’t stand Mo
Never received currency for moving a kilo
Or an ounce, make em bounce to this fake-pimp free flow
I never knew hustlers, confessed in stereo
Or on video get caught you’ll know who turned State’s
Evidence, murder weapon, confession and fingerprints
Mama always said watch what comes out your mouth
Tight case for the DA from here to down South
Knowledge wisdom understanding like King Solomon’s wealth
You’re a player but only because you be playin yourself


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