JayLip: DJ Muggs

LAX-JFK invades Soul Assassins Studios, BIG SHOUTOUT and thanks to Muggs for blessing us with a very colorful and brutally honest installment of JayLip.  Accolades include Cypress Hill, Soul Assassins and a list of MCs he’s worked with that’s so long, I won’t even start.  Not many DJ/Producers out there  of this pedigree anymore, with all these “push-button-muthafuckaz… paintin’ by muthafuckin’ numbers,” it’s refreshing to see there’s still some discipline in this game.

JayLip is an urban slant on the 10-questions interview format made famous by James Lipton on In the Actor’s Studio.  Our interview follows the same general rhythm, sort of a ping-pong line of questions spanning from love to hate and mortality.

“A lot of these muthafuckaz, man, be acting more like they mommas than they daddies these days…” -Muggs

Download Muggs’ latest project on the Mishka Label as he takes us into some world of Dubstep, HERE.


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