LAX-TLR “Criminals” Quick Strike Collabo

September 1965’s issue of Esquire Mag featured those who counted most amongst college rebels.  Bob Dylan, because he talks like a poet and sings of rebellion.  Malcolm X, because he told it the way it was.  Fidel Castro, because he is the epitome of the Romance of Rebellion.  John F. Kennedy, because he made everybody respect youth.

It got us to thinking about who, in the present day, counts most…

ESQIURE-blackIntroducing the first Quick Strike tee from our upcoming Apocalypse Capsule Collection, conceptualized & designed alongside our brothers, The Livid Rival & Company.  Who better than Zach de la Rocha, Subcomandante Marcos, Hugo Chavez and Barack Obama to grace our rendition?

Think about it, don’t just put shit on shirts… stay tuned for the drop.


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