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Fashion’s Night Out- Where I Beez.

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Tonight!  Come out and toast the event of the evening with DJ Skee & Jay Gains and the unveiling of his new location at the Beverly Center.  I don’t know of another Shop Owner that works harder than this cat, constantly changing the game, breaking the rules and redefining Tradition, Carry On.  Salute to Brother Jay, see ya’ll there.

Tradition Beverly Center 8500 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, 90048

Then make sure to stop into New Era’s Flagship store on Melrose for more.  DJ’s Sour Milk & Justin Credible on the wheels, exclusives and Art Exhibits from Hiiro Tomita & Sn’eads by Ree.

New Era 8001 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, 90046

After all that, join us for libations & eats with our Host, J. Logic.  A weekly event that combines art, social media, film and the best in music.

Silo 221 W. 7th St, Los Angeles, 90014


Good Shit: The Pros & Cons Clothing Co. Flagship

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If you’re not improving on your craft or making forward progress, then what’s the point?  The time is now, if you ain’t riskin’ shit, you ain’t makin’ shit.

The Pros & Cons invites us to their official soft opening celebration.  The homie Adrian’s been doing this Streetwear thing for dog years.  Unwavering.  Doing it the only way he knows how.  Hustle.  In an industry overrun by “cool dudes” and pseudo fashionistas, I’m glad to see a new wave of brands flourishing.  Weigh your options.  Support the real.





PRDT Etc.™ Summer Release & Pop-Up Shop

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THIS FRIDAY JULY 27th, our friends Product Etcetera will be showcasing their complete Summer Line at 5&A Dime (San Diego, CA).  This is the first time the collection will be available for purchase in its entirety under one roof for ONE NIGHT ONLY.  Offerings include T-shirts, Tanks, Mitchell & Ness Fitteds and Snapbacks, available now via website.

FRIDAY, July 27th at 5&A Dime from 7pm-11pm

701 8th Ave., San Diego, CA 92101


Music. Drink. Raffle. Product. Support.


Their propaganda campaign is on point and I’m really feeling their unapologetic themes.  These cats really put a lot of thought into their designs & aesthetic.  Their exhibition Brands, Gangs, Teams & Clans introduced us to their label as well as others they’re working with, proving they’re a cut above.  Keep an eye on these guys, Salute.

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Good Shit: PRIMEAPE the Beast

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Primeape (or Adam as I’ve known him for about 17-years), is representative of an artist no longer satisfied with the status quo.  That’s not to say he ever was.  From wheat-pasting to graffiti to busting windows out of cars from the back seat (long story), he is where street is.

“Slangin’ Thoughts Not Rocks (STNR),” is the movement and he means it.  Countless hours, blunts & beers discussing the lifestyle, to come to the conclusion that we need to get in the game.   Keep an eye on them, support the independents.

PRIMEAPE based in Long Beach CA, creating and destroying from a one bedroom apartment, producing the gulliest streetwear, accessories & art. Offering design work for other brands, as well as handling anything  marketing related. Photography services available, such as product shots or store opening coverage, live artist for shows, creative events etc. PRIMEAPE was created to be a vehicle for the release of thought, to give voice to those trying to speak, but going “unhurd.” 

Agenda: TLR & Co.

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Respect due to The Livid Rival & Co. (TLR&Co), they went from sneaking into Agenda (last year) to being invited back as a featured brand at Primer (this year).  As usual, there was a lot of the same at the show, so it’s refreshing to see a brand that’s keeping true to their vision and not concerning themselves with what everyone else is doing.  These Santa Barbarians are “taking heads off” of the Industry’s giants!

I think that’s why we’ve forged this great relationship with them (both professional & personal).  They compare their Brand’s Values to those of NY Crime Families past, these muthafuckaz mean BUSINESS and won’t tread!  WORD IS BOND!


LAX-JFK X TLR&Co. (Ry, Ahsker, Ruben, Cris & Carlos)

Custom Cut & Sew Snapbacks, these cats are light-years ahead of other up & coming brands.

Peep the video-interview via Baller Status.

Just Landed: The Hundreds Summer I

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They do it again and again and again and again and again… Swing through before we’re out.  FREE HUNDREDS BEANIE with purchase of Summer Kicks, FREE HUNDREDS STICKERS with purchase of Summer Tees (while supplies last)!  LAX-JFK is fo’ da children!

LAX-JFK 3594 Redondo Beach Bl, Torrance (310)532-2905

Jean Tee $30.00 (also available in BLACK)

Bible Tee $30.00 (also available in BLACK)

Leopard Tee $30.00 (also available in BLACK)

Camoslant Tee $30.00 (also available in BLACK)

Basic Snap-back $28.00 (also available in BLACK)

Valenzuela $59.00

Wayne High $74.00 (also available in BLACK)

Just Landed: TLR&Co

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The Livid Rival & Co or “The Rivals” was incepted in 2010 by (for-real) brothers Chris & Ruben (just like LAX-JFK), they got something to say.  Peep the new SS Delivery, these are the cats we did the Team Southbay collabo with.  Stop by the shop to cop!



Black Club CA Tee, puro Califas!  $24.00

Athletic Heather Club CA Tee, instant classic.  $24.00

Royal Suspect Tee, Go Doyers!  $24.00

Black Suspect Tee, that’s Ruben lookin’ suspect.  $24.00 (also available in Athletic Heather)

White Bootleg Logo Tee.  $26.00

Navy Bootleg Logo Tee.  $26.00 (also available in Athletic Heather & Black)