JayLip: Freddie Gibbs

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We linked up with Gangster Gibbs a couple months ago at LACMA’s Behind the Mic for another installment of JayLip, shoutout Josh the Goon for the hospitality.  Gibbs was strapped with wit and honesty and wasn’t really interested in holding back or keeping anything P.C.  Watch him break into song at one point in the interview, definitely one of our favorites.  Thanks for the time…

“Here go the weed and here go the bitches… God is my n*gga…”

… and don’t forget to grab Gibbs’ latest, BFK.


The Lions

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Can’t wait for their album to come out,”This Generation” brought to you of course by Stones Throw. They’ve been giving us music you can feel since 1997, if you didn’t  know somebody shoulda told you. Light one to this!

Haffwayhouse Grand O

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Takes balls to put your money where your mouth is…

Plenty mutha’fuckaz with plenty opinions on how they would do it…

So… do it.

Introducing, The Haffway House.  Huntington Park’s Premier Streetwear Destination.  Carrying the latest & greatest, concentrating on the Independents.  Yeah, I guess you can say we fucks wit’em.  Special shout out and break a fucking leg to Raf & Audy.  Kill it.

Come out tomorrow, peep it.  I’ll be there with the crew.




Sean Price “MIC Tyson”

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Sean P heavy on the campaign trail with a couple vids just before acclaimed MIC Tyson released TODAY, buy this shit!  Production credits including 9th Wonder, The Alchemist, Evidence & Babu, featuring such artists as Freddie Gibbs, Buckshot, Pharaoh Monch and more.  For those that cry “Hip Hop is DEAD,” I implore you to listen to this.  Warning: You may break your neck.

Hilarious hurricane Sandy coverage.

“Seanwuar” interviews Pharaoh Monch in the Nardwuar style, good shit.

Dag Savage (Johaz & Exile) “Cali Dreamin'” feat. Fashawn, Co$$ & Tiombe Lockhart

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While some of you listen to that wack shit, I’ll listen to this shit.


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“Choose your weapon; microphone, beats or the wheels of steel…” or in this case Spraycans.

Multi-talented Modern Day Renaissance Man MF Doom gives Adidas Originals an interview, gets into London, Art & the Art of Graff.  What’s next cooking lessons?  My bad, we did see some of that on MM Food.  Top 5, easy.

JayLip: DJ Muggs

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LAX-JFK invades Soul Assassins Studios, BIG SHOUTOUT and thanks to Muggs for blessing us with a very colorful and brutally honest installment of JayLip.  Accolades include Cypress Hill, Soul Assassins and a list of MCs he’s worked with that’s so long, I won’t even start.  Not many DJ/Producers out there  of this pedigree anymore, with all these “push-button-muthafuckaz… paintin’ by muthafuckin’ numbers,” it’s refreshing to see there’s still some discipline in this game.

JayLip is an urban slant on the 10-questions interview format made famous by James Lipton on In the Actor’s Studio.  Our interview follows the same general rhythm, sort of a ping-pong line of questions spanning from love to hate and mortality.

“A lot of these muthafuckaz, man, be acting more like they mommas than they daddies these days…” -Muggs

Download Muggs’ latest project on the Mishka Label as he takes us into some world of Dubstep, HERE.