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LAX-JFK for Deadline Ltd.

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The good folks at Deadline Limited are re-releasing the Jack to Spike tee, Spring 2013.  Good thing the world didn’t end on the 21st, this is one of my favorite designs.  Originally released Holiday 2010, now updated in new colourways.  Thanks and respect due to the Deadline camp for the re-release, salute.

Screen shot 2012-12-29 at 12.46.09 PM



Keep on Your Grizzly

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BUSY, BUSY, BUSY weekend.  We’ve had a great response to our 50% OFF Recession Rack & ALL FALL APPAREL/KICKS are 30% OFF!  Roll thru to 3594 Redondo Beach Bl, Torrance before we’re out!  LAX-JFK is fo’da Children!  😉

Joey Suriel (Odyssey Denim) stopped in on Saturday afternoon for a very positive meeting.  We’re picking up the line!  12oz RAW Denim + FREE Odyssey Gift Tee for $70.00?  You heard right.  We get our first delivery this week, pics to come so stay tuned!

Saturday night we went over to the listening party for Odd Future‘s MellowHypes album BLACKENEDWHITE over at 424 Fairfax.  They’re doing exciting things so keep an eye out for’em.  While there we ran into Eric (Prepjerks), we’re getting a Holiday delivery this week.  Cool dude.  Stay tuned for details…

Last but not least… I rolled by Deadline Ltd Offices to pick up our Holiday Order…  All I can tell you is F-I-R-E!  This may be the season’s first MUST HAVE to include a VERY Special design dropping this Friday exclusive at LAX-JFK… here’s a hint…

It’s a Family Affair

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Another great event at the Shop.  Big-ups to the family Spintelect, Overdoz, Warco, Forest Skateboards, Street Status, Deadline LTD, Sapphire Thai, Kymby, Ghetto Rock, Sean G & Pac Div.  We released our exclusive “Hello LAX-JFK” Tee, these are going FAST!

Another FRESH Photo Booth from the Gnarle Team, below are some of the pics or check the full album here.

Chuy & JJ


Kymby (Lipstick Diaries)

Forgot your name, but you owe me a call about them tees!  Someone remind her!

Ryan the Intern (LAX-JFK Crew)

Ocho de Mayo Recap (late as fuuuuuuu…)

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GREAT turn-out, GREAT people & GREAT times… Thanks to all that came out to support another very successful event at LAX-JFK, special thanks to Tony and the Gnarle Crew for (once again) running a successful Photo Booth.  These kids got chops!  Don’t miss the July 3rd Event, VERY SPECIAL guest performance, DJ’s, speak-easy & y’all know tha rest.  Here are some of my favorite pics, for the rest click here.

Max Barrera rocking the LAX-JFK collab ENEMIGO PUBLICO Tee.  Got some left (not many), call for availability (310)532-2905.

Brother / Partner / Owner LAX-JFK Chuy

Ms. Faith AKA Candace & Jojo

Rob AKA Malicious Skate (Deadline), but seriously, how do you really feel?

Famous Crow