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Men in Skirts

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It’s been a while, let’s see if I can still channel the hatred that spawned LAX-JFK.

I’m all for being “different,” but being different for the sake of being different is going about it the wrong way.  It’s got to look good, it’s got to look right…

Skirts.  Worn wonderfully by women around the world for fucking-ever (and men in Scotland)!  Nothing better than a nice skirt, smooth legs and damn I wish that wind would blow on some Marilyn Monroe shit!  Now some “fashionistas” are fucking THAT up with hairy thighs, tan lined ankles and ashy kneecaps?

ASAP Rock(y)'s a Skirt

Exhibit A:  ASAP Rocky.  Harlem’s finset, but he ain’t so fly in a tie-dye tank dress a’la sales rack Forever 21.  I’m sorry, Timberland Grimey’s ain’t gonna preserve your Street Value.

Runway “looks” are meant to interpreted, they’re not meant to be taken literally.  A parrot worn on a model’s head SHOULD mean colors or feathers, maybe something tropical, however, it does NOT mean put a fuxking parrot on your head you dummies.

Fresh Prince of Skirts

Exhibit B: Jaden Smith.  Yes, I know who your Dad is and yes I’m STILL a HUGE fan of the early years, shit was cutting edge.  Your outfit, however, is on the cutting edge of Zena, Warrior Princess.  Only difference is I wanted to get up IN her skirt and I shutter to think what MAY be up in yours?

Kanye Weskirt

Exhibit C: Kanye.  What the beYEEZUS are you doin’man?  Seriously… if it weren’t for your personality, bi-polar disorder, tourette syndrome, God complex and dissent for the movement you created, you’d probably be my favorite artist.  Stop letting people tell you what to wear!  I know Kim runnin’ the show now, but damn sun, she got you in a skirt too?

… and before you go there, I know it’s designer, I know what it costs and I know they’re artists, but they influence kids.  This is not a good influence.  In 1937, Our Gang depicted Buckwheat in girl’s dresses and hair-barrettes, now you’re doin’it to yourselves?  I’m not knocking them for not looking like me, I’m knocking them for not looking like themselves…

I REALLY hope this shit doesn’t catch-on, but I may be too late.  My intent is NOT to sound homophobic, I’m just pointing out the simple fact that some shit is BETTER worn by the other sex.  What’s next, halter-tops?  Bellybutton Rings?  Stiletto Boots?  Bootie Shorts?  Y’all need to stop… unless your Prince.


Roc Marciano-76 (Directed by Jason Goldwatch)

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One of the best album’s of the year, Reloaded.

Jaylip: Earl Sweatshirt

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So… what can we say about Earl Sweatshirt?  We can speculate some?  Comment on his disappearance?  Naw… we’ll leave that to y’all.  Let the man speak for him self.  Personally, I can’t wait to hear more from this kid.  New single “Chum” is shitting on a lot of rappers “doing it” nowadays.  Probably the most popular answer when we’ve asked musicians on past JayLips who they’d like to collaborate with… enjoy.

JayLip is an urban slant on the 10-questions interview format made famous by James Lipton on In the Actor’s Studio.  Our interview follows the same general rhythm, sort of a ping-pong line of questions spanning from love to hate and mortality.  My favorite part of this video has to be when “security” scolds Earl for sitting on “priceless art” crates, immediately followed by a colorful rant about what he (Earl) thought of said art.

“Them’s some nice ass pants my ni&&a.”

Gentrification of Food?

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It seems nowadays all it takes is fancy camerawork, a celebrity Executive Producer and an Anglo-saxon interest to revitalize a craft once performed mostly by immigrant workers.  I guess Hipsters rule.

Carniceros are now Butchers.  Maybe it’s the neighborhood I grew up in (Inglewood, CA), but the cat behind the meat-case was always a man that looked like my dad.  Equipped with an anatomist’s knowledge and a surgeon’s precision with the knife, they produced the finest cuts minus that “boutique” feel.  To think, all it took was a twirly mustache a’la Doc Holliday, designer aprons and the internet to revitalize a craft which in all honesty has ALWAYS been there.  Get the fuck outta here.

Loncheras are now Gourmet Food Trucks and we used to call them Roach Coaches?  Get the fuck outta here!!  The food is still prepared on the road, subject to the same road conditions and obstacles as before, but now they’re somehow Good Eats again?  Blue collar workers are most familiar with the Dukes of Hazard-esque air horn that signaled, “The GRUB has arrived!”  Now Hipsters drive from afar for a taste as commanded by Twitter.

Sobras are now Offal, defined as “animal entrails” or “waste material.”  Farmers, Butchers and peasants survived on the cheaper cuts.  Take out the Tenderloin, ribs, steaks, chops, etcetera and you’re left with waste…  Nah man.  What you’re left with is Buche, Tripas, Dinuguan, Chicharron, Cesos and Pho.  We’ve been eating this stuff for ages, only now it’s somehow fashionable.  Thank you Chris Constantine, John Shook and Vinny Dotolo for making it hip to eat shit.  Get the fuck outta here!!!  Incidentally, don’t be mad when my next article is about the deliciousness at one of their restaurants.  Ironic?

What’s next Gourmet Paleteros?  Organic Eloteros?  Offal Tamales?  Wait… it’s been done…

Don’t get me wrong, you should NEVER knock the entrepreneurial spirit.  The above mini-docs are brilliantly shot, musically tasteful and respectful.  My only argument is, don’t claim to be a Pioneer or Revitalizer of a craft that has been here and will be here FOREVER.  Foodies are just fans of food… there is no training, you’re not bonafide and you don’t get to carry a badge.  Don’t wait for someone to tell you to try something new, just try it.

For Your Consideration,


LAX-JFK for Deadline Ltd.

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The good folks at Deadline Limited are re-releasing the Jack to Spike tee, Spring 2013.  Good thing the world didn’t end on the 21st, this is one of my favorite designs.  Originally released Holiday 2010, now updated in new colourways.  Thanks and respect due to the Deadline camp for the re-release, salute.

Screen shot 2012-12-29 at 12.46.09 PM


LAX-TLR “Criminals” Quick Strike Collabo

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September 1965’s issue of Esquire Mag featured those who counted most amongst college rebels.  Bob Dylan, because he talks like a poet and sings of rebellion.  Malcolm X, because he told it the way it was.  Fidel Castro, because he is the epitome of the Romance of Rebellion.  John F. Kennedy, because he made everybody respect youth.

It got us to thinking about who, in the present day, counts most…

ESQIURE-blackIntroducing the first Quick Strike tee from our upcoming Apocalypse Capsule Collection, conceptualized & designed alongside our brothers, The Livid Rival & Company.  Who better than Zach de la Rocha, Subcomandante Marcos, Hugo Chavez and Barack Obama to grace our rendition?

Think about it, don’t just put shit on shirts… stay tuned for the drop.

White Label Radio at The Holy Grail

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Come out and support the homie Melloe‘s new endeavor, White Label Radio.  Bringing you all of the classic Hip-Hop from the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s or as some prefer to call it, the Golden Era.  Also highlighting on new music that’s dedicated to the same principles, beats & rhymes.