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“Choose your weapon; microphone, beats or the wheels of steel…” or in this case Spraycans.

Multi-talented Modern Day Renaissance Man MF Doom gives Adidas Originals an interview, gets into London, Art & the Art of Graff.  What’s next cooking lessons?  My bad, we did see some of that on MM Food.  Top 5, easy.


Wayback Wednesday: MF Doom

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1999 was the year and former KMD MC, Zev Love X, underwent the metamorphosis into the Metalface, MF Doom releasing the first of many classics Operation Doomsday.  This shit changed my life, not kidding.  Prior to this I think only Kool Keith had pulled off an alter ego succesfully.

Later to become the Vaudeville Villain and King Geedorah, yes, I can say this has to be my favorite MC.  Enjoy.


Good Shit: JJ DOOM “GUV’NOR”

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Visuals for “Guv’nor” track from JJ DOOM’s just release Key to the Kuffs.  “A new mind-bending, split-screen video experiment directed by Ninian Doff as part of RizLab project #4…”  Good Shit.

JJ DOOM(Jneiro Jarel & Doom)-Key To The Kuffs

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Another collaboration from Doom. Every time he does’em he kills!

Now Playing: Madvillain

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A preview of whats to come from MF Doom and Madlib (Madvillain). From the beginning of Stones Throw podcast #64, (Avalanche & Victory Lap). Can’t wait!