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Jaylip: Earl Sweatshirt

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So… what can we say about Earl Sweatshirt?  We can speculate some?  Comment on his disappearance?  Naw… we’ll leave that to y’all.  Let the man speak for him self.  Personally, I can’t wait to hear more from this kid.  New single “Chum” is shitting on a lot of rappers “doing it” nowadays.  Probably the most popular answer when we’ve asked musicians on past JayLips who they’d like to collaborate with… enjoy.

JayLip is an urban slant on the 10-questions interview format made famous by James Lipton on In the Actor’s Studio.  Our interview follows the same general rhythm, sort of a ping-pong line of questions spanning from love to hate and mortality.  My favorite part of this video has to be when “security” scolds Earl for sitting on “priceless art” crates, immediately followed by a colorful rant about what he (Earl) thought of said art.

“Them’s some nice ass pants my ni&&a.”


LACMA Through the Mic: Freddie Gibbs X Madlib

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Through the Mic is a new concert series at LACMA that explores contemporary Los Angeles hip hop, with an emphasis on the diversity of L.A.-based artists.”  September 20th showcased a few of our favorites, Freddie Gibbs, Madlib, Blu & Exile.  Shit was gully, with a chant started by Mr. Gibbs himself, “FUCK POLICE…”  The show’s backdrop was artist Chris Burden’s Urban Light sculpture, which made for a truly unique experience.  If you’re in L.A. for the last installment Oct. 17th., you don’t want to miss it.

All the usuals in attendance, some notable some infamous.  We were fortunate enough to hang out in the green room for some JayLip interviews, stay tuned for Freddie Gibbs and Earl Sweatshirt.

Tripple OGGG (Goon, Gibbs & Gonz).

Earl Sweatshirt (OF) was a surprisingly humble and knowledgeable dude.  Definitely knows his Hip Hop and definitely not on some Hollywood high horse.

Gibbs, Thuggin’!

A Beardless Nacho and a Fashion Forward Josh the Goon.

OFWFKTA on Mtv News

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In case you missed it yesterday on Mtv News!  All the buzz… no PR, no publicist, no “suited” management firm…  Taking the world by storm, even Kanye tweeted “the video of 2011” in case you care about that kind of thing.  Swag.  CLICK FOR THE LINK.